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AL2500 Elite X Breathalyzer


This model is now discontinued for sale by Breathalyser Direct Ltd. We now offer the AlcoSAFE KX6000S as an alternative which is a good value, entry level device offering more features and an easy read display. Please click on the image above to be take to the AlcoSAFE KX6000S page.

The World’s best selling breathalyser ! ON SALE in over 50 countries Worldwide and available in the UK through Breathalyser Direct. ( World’s No.1 seller information supplied by the manufacturers – NO other personal breathalyser is sold in such large volumes in over 50 countries.)

It is a very attractive compact unit finished with a sleek black and silver casing and based on the ever popular AL2500 model. Unlike the older version of the AL2500, this model features a mouthpiece (reusable and washable) and the added benefit of flow check technology, error sensing and a built in cumulative test counter. The breathalyzer boasts a state of the art micro computer controlled check sequence ensuring that an adequate breath sample is blown into the unit.

The AlcoScan AL2500 Elite X is supplied with 2 Free batteries, 3 mouthpieces (reusable) and similar to its sister unit, is light and convenient – easily stored in a pocket, handbag or car glovebox.

NB : The unit is designed to pick up the presence of alcohol on a breath sample and is an ideal ‘morning after’ device.
This unit is a personal breathalyser, designed for individual use and is NOT suitable as a device for use in employee screening/testing or as the basis for further action in an employee testing environment. Please have a look at our employers guide for guidance.

The Breathalyser is calibrated in mg/litre, fully usable in any country.

12 Month Warranty

Ideal for morning after testing

Breathalyzer Specifications
Indication of BrAC 0.00 to 2.00 mg/litre % BrAc
Warm Up Time Below 30 secs
Response Time within 2 seconds
Recycle Time 10 Seconds
Mouth Piece Included (can be used without)
Sensor Semiconductor
Power Supply 2 x AAA Batteries Supplied
Weight 85g including batteries
Dimensions (mm) 104mm Height x 40 width x 20 depth

Auto power off

Flow Check Technology

Error Sensing Technology

Battery Low Indication

Designed to pick up alcohol

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