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Breathalyser Direct are very pleased to be able to offer this great value AlcoSafe KX6000S Breathalyzer. This is a superb, accurate product with a unique TCSS – (Tri Colour Safe System – RED/AMBER/GREEN) and has rapidly established itself to be one of the top selling breathalyzer units in the UK and Europe.

The AlcoSafe™ KX6000S breathalyzer has a unique, easy to read cutting edge easy read Traffic light system’, that ensures a non confusing, easy read, accurate breathalyzer result – every time. You can’t get it wrong ! Know Your Limit.

Breathalyser Direct recently supplied this and the AL6000 breathalyzer for use on some BBC Drama programmes.

The AlcoSAFE KX6000S was used on BBC 1’s Holby City Medical Drama Series. One of the central characters (Dr Greg Douglas – played by actor Edward Macliam) is featured being breathalised by an AlcoSAFE breathalyzer.

Most recently, we have supplied the Alcosafe to the organisers of the prestigious annual Cannonball 2000 European Rally – 50 high performance sports cars driving through Europe from London – Paris – Monte Carlo – Milan – Paris – London. AlcoSafe was chosen to support the drivers in their quest to remain legal and safe on every leg of the journey due to its ease of use and high reliability.

Please watch the videos below. The first test shows a sample of breath which results in a 0.00 reading and a GREEN light TCSS Display (Safe).

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