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Drager 3000/Draeger 3000 Breathalyser Drager 3000 Breathalyzer


This is the superb Dräeger 3000 breathalyser, manufactured by Draeger in Germany to their usual very high standards and is effectively a basic version of the Police issue Draeger 5510/6510 in use with a number of Police forces in the UK and worldwide.

NOTE : This is the full Draeger (UK Police Manufacturers) 3000 device – it is not the OEM ‘Alcodigital’ branded version which we no longer stock.

Police Grade Accuracy

Simple, Single-Button Operation, Standard UK-Police Measurement

12 Mth warranty, Dräeger Fuel Cell

Each Device is calibration checked before dispatch

Police-Level Accuracy:

Combining automatic sampling and calibration processes with short reaction times, this ergonomically designed unit offers precise measurements at the touch of a button.

Fast, reliable and accurate, it is also robust and hygienic in use.

Package Includes:

Drager 3000 Breathalyser in Hard Carry Case

3 x Mouthpieces, 2 x AA Batteries, Operator Manual, 12 Month Warranty

Accuracy: ±0.001% at 0.08% or 1.85% of measured value, whichever greater – (Police Standards)

Display range: 0.00 ~ 0.40% (5 x UK Limit)

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