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Product Specifications

  • Range: 5m-600m/800m/1000m/1200m/1500m
  • Measurement unit:yd/m
  • Angle measuring -90-90
  • Trajectory compensation angel:-20-20
  • Angle accuracy:1
  • Magnification: 6X
  • Objective lens diameter: 22mm
  • Eyepiece lens diameter 16mm
  • Dioptre adjustment:5D
  • measurement accuracy:1m(Normal condition)
  • Focusing method:Eyepiece focusing
  • Auto shut down?8 seconds


Product Description

  • 600m/800m/1000m/1200m/1500m/ measurement range.
  • Humanized design. Rainproof structure. Supplement with angle measurement. professional and reliable measuring performance.
  • Super Excellent proof performance, the most durable laser measurer, which could meet with you needs under all using environment.
  • Appliance area: Racing observation, observing the club, nautical observation and golf, hunting.
  • Measuring Mode:Golf Trajectory Mode?Golf Trajectory (scan) Mode Distance, Angle, Height Measurement Speed Measurement Mode