Available Options

  • BL-103A
  • BL-107A

Products Specifications

  • 2-105m Electronic measurement range and <3sec single measurement time
  • 0.7mm(BL-107A) and 0.3(BL-103A)mm measurement accuracy Standard deviation of 1km double run
  • 0.01mm Height and 1mm distance display Resolution
  • 32x Magnification
  • 45mm objective aperture
  • 2.6m Field of view at 100m
  • 0.5m Minimum focus distance
  • 14 working range
  • 0.3 Setting Accuracy
  • 8/2mm circular vial sensitivity
  • 6000 points internal memory,
  • Data output Transfer to 8G USB Storage, USB interface
  • Applications: Land survey, Construction, Agriculture, DH, inverse staff measurement, error checking and Adjustment